Fox Cubs | by: (Ivan Kislov)

I got my paper back that I was freaking out so bad over a week ago and I got a 94….? I’m super excited/relieved but also honestly confused. I guess I was fixing more than I thought? Anyway.

And I got another graduation thing today, a medallion for Alpha Chi. That’s half, and now I need 3 more things (assuming Dunn actually ordered our AKD cords like he said but I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t. Angry, but not surprised).

And the library was weeding the collection and giving stuff away (so many VHS tapes) so I got 6 books for freeeeeee—5 crime/mystery novels and an English textbook that has “The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street” and “The Highwayman,” both of which we had to read like 3 or 4 different times so I became fond of them. It also has Annabell Lee, and of course some other stuff.

And I think our group presentation for Wednesday is going to be good even though our 4th group member disappeared off the face of the earth and never did her slides and didn’t come to the meetings yesterday or today, so we had to research and split up the stuff she was supposed to cover. But we’ll do a run-through tomorrow and it’ll be fine.

Sooooooo. I just have to actually work on that paper that got pushed back… Presentation W, two assignments for Criminology T/Th, quiz Th, and paper due Friday. It’s Good Friday though so no classes, which theoretically means I could work on it all day, but I’ll be home (and probably at some family thing) but I should probably finish it before then if I can….

I dunnoooooo. It’s the last week of classes though! The end is finally in sight.

Oh and also this week I need to figure out how to register for UK classes…

Dahlia, Crimson, Vermilion and Cardinal is the color palette for Vera Wang’s Spring 2013 collection, and it is breathtaking! Always presenting the bridal world with something exciting and new, Vera Wang changes the look of the traditional “wedding gown”. We loved her dark, dramatic, yet eerily romantic black wedding gowns of her Fall 2012 collection, but the vibrant, rich reds in this collection has made me at a loss of words to describe how gorgeous….I will just let the dresses speak for themselves. They will do a much better job.


Yayyyyyyyyy. Now after I go to this group meeting at 8pm I can take a shower (really dying to shower, I feel gross for some reason) and work on my Criminology stuff for Tu/Th and take it slow on the paper.

I read the e-mail and just busted out laughing and Kaitlyn and Sarah were like ………?  and it was that kind of crazy relief. Basically, 2 weeks from tomorrow I will be done with classes/finals. Two weeks. Two weeks.

I would actually be happy right now, and I would have had a freaking fantastically awesome weekend, if not for homework.

I hope I make it through two more years of this and actually get what I want (a job with no homework, duh) on the other side.

Now I just can’t stop crying. This usually happens in the middle/end of a paper, not before I can even make myself get started.

Giving up and going to bed and fuck all. Tomorrow is going to be all kinds of hell. Everything this week is likely to be all kinds of hell.

What the actual fuck am I doing with my life how is it 12:30 this keeps getting worse and worse I am legitimately going to not finish something before this semester is over. Three weeks to go and I swear I am going to fuck something up really badly. I am so close though. Why. Why can I not get it together.

I DON’T KNOW WHY I FEEL SO TIRED AND HEAVY AND HORRIBLE THIS EVENING. I do not have the energy to hold up my head. I  have  shit  to  do.

Why the fuck did I just eat a meal at 9:30
This is why I shouldn’t ‘skip’ meals. Because then I eat snacks and also eat a meal. asdlfjsldf

Also caffeine.

In just over 3 weeks I will be in Ireland and in about 5 weeks I will finally be able to breathe and take a break and let my mind stop spinning.

Fuuuuuuuuuck everything I could not be less interested in anything going on and I will not be able to finish everything… Fuck tomorrow, fuck choir taking up half of my time, fuck drugs & behavior

Oh and I had a little bag of cool ranch doritos for dinner. Woohoo.

Literally do not have the emotional energy to work on any of this shit. Or really do anything but just lean here.

Completely out of nowhere I just started feeling like absolute shit.

Now I’m sitting in my room watching Silence of the Lambs on dvd. And to top it all off I took the case off the shelf and there’s a fucking rip in the cover. What the hell. I don’t even remember that happening.

I was supposed to go to some ‘if we throw you an event will you give us money forever’ thing with Kaitlyn & Timara at the college president’s house, and I’d been excited about it in a way because it’s the only one out of the like 10 events going on this semester that are casual dress. But I would somehow still manage to be under-dressed and I did not feel like schmoozing (which I’m not actually capable of anyway) and I did not feel like barbeque and I haven’t even fucking seen anyone since lunch 5 hours ago except Elizabeth coming and going through the common room and I don’t think Kaitlyn even remembered that I was supposed to be going to the thing because she didn’t even say anything to me when Timaria came over for them to leave (which was half an hour earlier than previously discussed so even if I still wanted to go that would have freaked me out). But I dunno if/when I’m going to eat. Dinner’s over in half an hour and I don’t feel like going out and I don’t feel like going by myself right now. Whatever.

I have so much to do and I’ve hardly gotten anything done and I’ll have no fucking time tomorrow and I am so fucking tired of this group project and I thought I didn’t care earlier but like shit no one else does either.

I dunno I just wanna curl up in a ball and have it be June.

Now I’m starting to get hungry but I am not going out right now fuck everything. I’ll just eat a bunch of snack crap.

I dunno why they couldn’t also send me an e-mail or update the online application system, but mom called saying I got a letter from UNCG so I told her to open it.

Now that I have finally heard back from all of my applications (4/4 acceptances!) I felt comfortable making a commitment and I will officially be attending University of Kentucky School of Library & Information Science (online) for my MSLS!!