So I was dressed as a Warbler tonight, with my lima bean mug and my Kurt doll wearing his “Likes Boys” shirt as I passed out candy.

This one mom saw me and was like “don’t go there that’s the gay house” and I was like “WHO WANTS MY GAY CANDY” and all their kids ran up because they don’t give a shit if it’s gay or not, it’s fucking CANDY and the parent reactions were priceless.

goes to show that nobody’s born homophobic, it’s learned 

also I salute you


Matthew Gray Gubler Patron XO cafe presents the 8th annual Maroon 5 Halloween Party held at Forever Cemetery in Hollywood Los Angeles California - 31.10.12

BAU kids who want to be like their favorite awesome profilers are the only kids I like.

Nearly Headless Nick’s deathday party

October 31, 1992