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So, thank you, and thank you for this. (SMG receiving her PCA)


Giles is my favourite.

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why is it called lukewarm

like why isn’t medium warm

who is luke

this is luke

say hi luke


1. Bake cupcakes for:
2. Trust with the keys to my car:
     I mean I don’t really think of any of them as particularly good drivers, but for some reason I want to put Xander
3. Put thumbtacks on the chair thereof:
4. Have a crush on:
     Spike (only since like 10 years ago!)
5. Pack up and leave if they moved next door:
6. Vote for President:
     Giles (although he’s not actually eligible)
7. Pick as my partner in a buddy movie:
8. Pair up:
     Is this supposed to be someone who’s not already together?
9. Vote off the island and into the volcano:
10. Wheedle into fixing my MP3 player:
     Have to be Willow, wouldn’t it?


I haven’t found any pictures of Spike with a flower crown so I made one.


I haven’t found any pictures of Spike with a flower crown so I made one.

I feel like Buffy Summers and Dean Winchester would be best friends.
Dean: So you're Chosen too, huh?
Buffy: Yep. A bunch of old men played God a zillion years ago, and here I am.
Dean: I know that feel.
Buffy: Oh well. It could be worse. I kind of enjoy killing things.
Dean: It's really good stress relief. If only we could just stick with killing monsters, right?
Buffy: I know. One day it's "kill vampires", the next you're sacrificing yourself for your younger sibling.
Dean: And then they bring you back from the dead!
Buffy: You too, huh?
Dean: Crawled my way out of a grave.
Buffy: Sucks, doesn't it?
Dean: And then I got back to find out that the person closest to me was doing sketchy, addicting things to become more powerful, all in the name of the greater good.
Buffy: Let me guess, he tried to start an apocalypse?
Dean: Not TRIED to start so much as-- wait, how'd you know?
Buffy: Been there, done that. Man, next thing you'll tell me someone close to you lost their soul and tried to kill people you loved.
Dean: Dude. This is eerie. Next thing you'll be telling me you have a red-headed computer-hacking lesbian unofficial sister.
Buffy: ...um....
Dean: .....Are you my alternate universe parallel?
Buffy: No, the only alternate universe I've been in, they told me my life was all fiction. And not even good fiction.
Dean: ...We should hang out.
Buffy: Definitely.
Dean: Decapitate some vampires.
Buffy: Sounds good.
Dean: Are you seeing anyone?
Buffy: No, but I'm not over this guy in a big coat who I hated for a while and was an enemy but then came over to our side because he fell in love with me, and then later he betrayed me and it was awful, but then he really did feel bad about it and tried and make up for it and he died saving the world but then came back only he never calls me.
Dean: .....
Buffy: .....


Buffy the Vampire Slayer - TV Trope: Open Secret (Vampires - The Hellmouth - The Slayer)

Open SecretThis trope is when a particular piece of information is officially declared to be secret… but it is widely known by everyone anyway. The characters might as well not even attempt The Masquerade, because all the civilians around them know who they are and what they are up to. And that super-secret bit of gossip that no one can ever know? Hate to tell you this, but everyone knows it already. Of course, the holders of the secret continue to act as if no one outside of their little group knows anything at all.

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